This unit is open for those completing the qualification in CLINICAL AESTHETIC INJECTABLE THERAPIES.

It can be accessed once all previous modules have been completed and should be read in conjunction with the previous learning materials covering anatomy, consultation and botulinum toxin principles and practice.

This module will develop your knowledge and understanding of the condition of hyperhidrosis, the diagnosis and evaluation of the severity of the condition. It will discuss non-surgical and surgical treatment options before reviewing the use of botulinum toxin for treating primary hyperhidrosis.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis can be a therapeutic challenge and there is no consensus or specific techniques to improve the condition. We will provide an overview of the evidence base for currently available treatment options that might improve the quality of life for the hyperhidrosis patient.

It is important that you have completed the learning materials in the Principles and Practice of Botulinum Toxin section, as it is assumed that learners understand the pharmacology and toxicology, method of action, product preparation and injection techniques for botulinum toxin.